This Is Your Sign.

Don't Give Up. Try again.


Have you ever been in this type of situation:
Where you had tried everything possible and things still didn't work out?

Simon Peter is someone who just might understand what you’re going through.

He was a fisherman who had exerted himself all through the night and yet didn't catch a single fish.

But then, he had an encounter with Jesus. And this is what Peter said:

He was willing to try again even though he had failed all through the night. He trusted and obeyed the voice of the Lord and wasn’t so focused on his failures and the negative circumstances he had experienced.

This is your sign:

If the Lord has said so, try again.
Don't give up.
Keep praying, keep trying.
This time around, it would be different, because the Lord has spoken.




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Sharon Stephen

A young Nigerian woman, sharing her thoughts on Faith, Medicine, Photography and Life in general. 💜