The Text That Was Never Replied.

A failed talking stage.

Sharon Stephen
3 min readJan 16, 2024
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Some parts of this story are true, some parts are made up.

This story is like every classic love story.

Boy meets girl.

And then it all begins with a talking stage.

It’s slow and steady.

Daily texts, then phone calls.

Talking about your favourite colour, food, life experiences, goals, dreams.

Talking about your days, sharing burdens, even praying together.

Before you know it, you’re already attached to this person.

You look forward to talking to them everyday.

They’re the first person you want to gist about what happened at work.

You’ve even cried while sharing some deep secrets.

Then you look at the date;

It’s just been 2 months, and it’s been such a good time.

She’s made you happier than anyone ever has.

This talking stage just might progress to a real relationship.

It’s been a while and you’re excited.

You’re planning how to officially ask her to be your babe.

And then suddenly….

Things begin to change.

She seems busier than usual.

Conversations begin to seem forced.

You feel like you’re disturbing her or distracting her.

She wants to focus on work, there’s a huge deadline coming up.

You understand and you give her some time to focus.

You miss your daily conversations, and you want to see her again, but she says she doesn’t have as much time.

It takes longer for her to pick up calls and to reply texts

Then one day, you’re left on read.

5 minutes…..30minutes…. 1 hour……

You’re determined to be patient, maybe she’s really swamped with work.

You close your eyes.

1 week has passed and there’s still no response.

But you see her posts on instagram.

She’s having the time of her life with her friends.

Maybe she’s done with that project.

But why hasn’t she texted back? Why hasn’t she reached out?

You send another text and this time it doesn’t even get delivered.

Were you blocked? Is she out of data?

You’re confused. But you’re not about to be disturbing a woman for attention.


You have more pride than that.

You didn’t have a fight. Or did you? You’re not sure anymore.

Was there a misunderstanding? Did you do or say something wrong?

You’re wondering if the past few weeks were all in your head.

If all those words that were so full of emotion meant absolutely nothing.

You were both still talking about making things official.

Now you’re wondering if all those feelings were one sided all along.

And while you’re thinking, you bump into her at the mall.

Omg heeyyyyyy! How are you?

She’s so excited to see you, she gives you a hug.

It’s been so long, I’ve missed you.

You’re obviously confused at this point. And you’re not sure of what to say.

She’s with her friends, so she says;

I’d call you later today, we should catch up! Bye!

She gives another hug and excitedly goes to meet her friends.

What in the world just happened? You haven’t spoken to her in over a month.

Okay did her phone get stolen? Was she ill?

Maybe this night when she calls, she’d explain herself to me.

You say these things to yourself.

I laugh in delulu.

It’s ‘later today’ and you haven’t received a call or even a text from her.

And you just conclude in your head, that you must have been delusional all along.

It’s safer to feel like this.

Than to feel like you were being deceived or ignored or ghosted.

She never had feelings for you, she was probably just being nice.

Just using you to pass time, just using you to offload her feelings.

It sucks, but it’s just one of those things.

A failed talking stage.

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-Sharon Stephen.



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