Give Yourself Permission To Fail.

It’s all part of life

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This might sound like a difficult title, but hear me out first.

One of the most stressful parts of adulting is making decisions.
A lot of young adults have something called 'decision making anxiety’.

We want to make the right decisions and we fear making the wrong decision.
But there's something I've learnt:
It's that there are no ‘good’ or ‘bad’ decisions.
Just good or bad outcomes.

There are so many decisions to make:
Where to work,
Where to live,
What phone to buy,
Who to marry,
How many kids to have,
What investment to make,
To buy NFTs or not,
To submit the project now or to work on it for a few more days.

The crippling fear of making a wrong decision prevents us from making any decisions at all.
And we find ourselves stuck in one position for a long time.
And eventually we feel guilty for not making any progress.

The best thing to do in my opinion, is to do something.
Just try.
Step out of your comfort zone.
Make a decision.
Have an open mind.
Don't be afraid to fail.

There's really no losing in life.
We win or we learn.

If the decision you made, came with an unfavourable outcome. Its okay. Its never too late to re-route, to restrategize.

Make decisions with hopeful expectation and also with an allowance for things not going as well as you want.
Make peace with the possibility of 'failure'

Don't be afraid to fail.
See failure as a learning opportunity.
As part of life.

There's no human being on a 100% winning streak.
As long as we live in this flawed state of existence, summer and winter, seed and harvest, winning and losing (learning), they'd always occur.

So it's fine.
Don't put yourself under unnecessary pressure.
There's no one who hasn't learned one or two lessons as a result of decisions they've made.
And they're stronger and better for it.

Give yourself permission to ‘fail’, you’d get your win eventually, as long as you don’t give up.



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Sharon Stephen

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