Genesis Bible Study: Chapter 48–50

The end of the story

Jacob now known as Israel is now old and grey.

He’s losing his eye sight and he’s about to die.

So he called Joseph to bring his two sons to him, Manasseh and Ephraim.

Israel adopts the two children as his own and blesses them.

Joseph put his first born Manasseh by his father’s right hand and the second born Ephraim by his father’s left side

But then something weird happened, Israel took his left hand and put it on Manasseh’s head and put his right hand on Ephraim’s head

Joseph quickly tried to correct his father’s ‘mistake’ but then it wasn’t really a mistake.

Once again, God is going against protocols and He’s blessing the 2nd born more than the first.

We’ve seen this narrative many times:

Abel was preferred over Cain

Jacob over Esau

Isaac over Ishmael

Perez over Zerah

Wahala for me that is a first born o :’(

GOD DOES NOT FOLLOW HUMAN PROTOCOL. He does His things the way He wants, when He wants. He doesn’t follow human order. This is one of the characteristics of God, to do extraordinarily seemingly impossible things. If He worked in the way you’d expect then you wouldn’t need faith anymore. And without faith it is IMPOSSIBLE to please God.

Israel’s last words

Israel’s sons gathered at his death bed and one by one, he blessed them.

To Reuben he took away his rights as the first born son as punishment for his offense, which was sleeping with his father’s wife.

To Simon and Levi, he cursed them for their anger and the way they killed the men in Shechem. He said that they wouldn’t have any land designated to them and their descendants would be scattered.

I’d like to pay special attention to what he said to Judah

The Kings of Israel were from the tribe of Judah.

Jesus came from the tribe of Judah, He was the one that was prophesied as the one who all nations will honor.

But wait, why would God allow His son to come from Judah’s bloodline?

Ya’ll remember Judah that slept with his daughter in law while thinking she was a prostitute? Yes. That Judah.

Just see the way God does His things.

Reuben’s kingdom rights as first born were taken from him and given to Judah.

Simeon or Levi were to be the next to inherit it, but they lost out on it because of their anger issues.

After Israel blessed the rest of his sons, he took his last breath and died.

Israel made his sons promise to bury him in Canaan in the lad Abraham bought as a familial burial ground and they did as he asked.

They mourned for their father greatly, especially Joseph.

After Israel died, his brothers were afraid that Joseph would kill them, and they asked for forgiveness of the sin they committed years ago. Joseph had already forgiven them, but he assured them that he wouldn’t bring harm to them.

Joseph lived till he was 110, he told his brothers to make sure they take his bones and bury him in the promised land when God eventually leads them out of Egypt.

So Joseph died at 110 years, his body was embalmed and kept in a coffin in Egypt.

I have honestly enjoyed these few weeks of bible study. I hope you have to.

Do you want me to continue?



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