Genesis Bible Study: Chapter 24–25

Chapter 24

A wife for Isaac

Abraham is old, his wife is dead and his only son is unmarried.

So he sent out his most trusted servant to find a wife for his son from Abraham’s hometown.

So the servant set out on a journey to find a wife for his master’s son.

On arriving at the town, the servant stopped by a well and said a prayer:

He had to be specific of the God he was praying to. Because there were many idols and gods.

He continued his prayer:

Then something happened:

I absolutely love this verse. Before he had finished praying, he saw.

God was quite aware of his request even before he prayed and God already had an answer and the servant saw the answer.

Rebekah did exactly as the servant wanted her to do and in my mind it should have been confirmed by now that this was the one Isaac was to marry.

But the servant was still careful, he didn’t jump to a conclusion, he watched silently. The confirmation for the servant was when he realised that Rebekah was from the house of Abraham’s brother. At this point he rejoiced and thanked God for answering his prayers.

That evening Abraham’s servant went to the home of Rebekah’s family and made his intentions known, summarizing the story of how he got there and how he confirmed that Rebekah was ‘the one’.

The family agreed to let Rebekah go to be married to Isaac recognizing that it was a divine direction. They asked for Rebekah’s opinion as well, she also agreed to the marriage.

Immediately the next morning Abraham’s servant set out along with Rebekah, her servants and all her belongings.

Rebekah and Isaac meet and let’s say it was love at first sight.

Isaac immediately took Rebekah and married her, he loved her deeply and she was of great comfort to him especially since his mum had died.

Chapter 25

Abraham married another wife

He had 6 sons with her.

Abraham gave all his inheritance to Isaac and gave gifts to his remaining sons and sent them away to the east, far away from Isaac.

Abraham died at 175 years of age, he lived a good long and fulfilling life and was buried by Isaac and Ishmael in the same land that Sarah was buried.

After Abraham’s death, God blessed Isaac.

Ishmael had 12 sons that became founders of 12 tribes named after them, they were scattered around the regions located around the east of Egypt and they lived in open hostility with all their relatives.

That explains a lot now doesn’t it?

Rebekah and Isaac finally start their own family. Rebekah couldn’t have children until Isaac prayed to God on her behalf. He was 40 when he married Rebekah and 60 when he eventually had kids.

Rebekah was pregnant with twins and even before they were born they were fighting in the womb. Rebekah asked God why and this was His response:

I’m not exactly sure why God would allow 2 brothers become rival nations but uhh… let’s continue the story.

What I got from this is God knows people before they’re born and He gives them a purpose. This is one of the many reasons why Christians are against abortions, because they believe that every child, wether planned by you or not, was planned by God and that God has a plan for them.

The twins were born the first was called Esau, because of his red skin and thick hair, while the second born was called Jacob.

Esau was Isaac’s favorite

Jacob was Rebekah’s favorite (smart woman)

Esau became a hunter, he was said to be an outdoorsman (I’d say he had an extroverted personality)

Jacob was quiet and preferred to be indoors (typical introverted behavior)

One day after a long day of hunting, Esau returned home hungry and saw his brother making red stew. Esau asked his brother for some and Jacob gave a very strange reply.

It’s such an odd request and it’s such a huge request for a small bowl of stew.

Esau’s response

And just like that, Esau sold his birthright for a bowl of stew and some bread that Jacob also gave.

Esau made a decision that would cost him his destiny on the basis of an emotion that he was presently feeling. Hunger

First of all, don’t make decisions when you’re hungry, Lol

Don’t make decisions solely off of the emotions you’re feeling presently.

It’s true his birthright didn’t mean anything at that moment, but it would mean everything in the future. He traded up something very valuable for temporary gratification of his flesh.

We must learn from Esau.

It was said that Esau showed contempt for his rights as the firstborn child, which is true.

He equated his birth rights too one bowl of stew.

If only Esau understood the meaning of what he had done. If only Esau knew the word that God had given his mum before he was born.



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