Focusing On The Positive

At least, I got what I wanted

Sharon Stephen
2 min readOct 31, 2022
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Recently, I spent a lot of money buying an item I needed and wanted at the same time.

I needed this item, but didn’t need to get such an expensive one, but it was what I liked and what I wanted.

It took a while before I eventually decided to get it, I had thought long and hard about it, I sought counsel from many friends and I even prayed about it Lool.

I eventually just went ahead and bought it.

I was afraid though, and worried, and to be honest, I still am.


I had some sort of fear that if I spent this much money on myself, I’d probably not have any money again.

Huh? Why?

I saved a lot of money within 1 year of internship, despite all the money I had spent on ABSOLUTE NECESSITIES.

It was truly a miracle and I was and still am grateful for it.

The truth is I couldn’t have imagined the amount of money I’d have saved, I thought I’d save a lot less.

God has been providing for me, in ways I couldn’t imagine

Even now, after my internship, I got offered a job that pays well enough for the little work I’m doing. I didn’t apply. I was basically given on a platter of gold.

Why am I now worried that God would no longer provide for me?

Why was my security in what I had and what I could see?

Why don’t I trust God to provide for me?

I actually do not know.

But I’ve decided to focus on the positive:

I got what I wanted.

I could afford what I wanted.

I still have money saved up.

God is going to bless me, a lot. I don’t fully believe it, I’m trying so hard to believe it. I’m going to keep on confessing it. Till I believe it and till it becomes a reality.

This is another writing from my archives. It was written in 2020. What did I buy? A Samsung phone. I’m still using it till now and it’s in pretty good shape. Safe to say, it was a good buy. Lol.



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