Dear God Please Shock This Doctor.

I’d really appreciate it.

Sharon Stephen
2 min readMar 6, 2024
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One of the things I’ve struggled with being a Christian and a Medical doctor is the concept of ‘healing miracles.’

I grew up Christian, it’s the only life I know.

And I grew up a Pentecostal Christian.

It’s a very Charismatic denomination that believes greatly in the supernatural.

At every church meeting, you’d hear at least one miracle being told as a testimony.

You’d hear one very serious medically confirmed diagnosis being reversed.

You’d hear of dead people coming back to life.

And Doctors being ‘shocked’ and dumbfounded when they gave a diagnosis to a patient and later on, they found that their body had been healed of the disease.

Many times, prayer points are raised in church:

The doctors might have said this, but God has the final say. The Lord will turn the verdict of the doctors around. The doctors will be shocked.

I’m sorry to say, but I’ve not yet experienced a ‘shocking’ miracle since I started practicing medicine and it’s been about 5 years.

I’ve not experienced the dead coming back to life.

I’ve not seen cancer cells just disappear.

What I have seen however, is people praying with all the faith, hope and energy they have and still losing their loved ones.

What I’ve seen is people making careless decisions in the name of ‘faith’.

What I’ve seen is people pray for their loved ones to come back to life and they unfortunately remain asleep.

So I’d definitely love to be shocked.

I’d love to see people lay hands on their loved ones who medically speaking had no more hope and then they recover speedily.

I’d love to see people the doctors have certified dead come back to life.

I’d love to see Cancer cells simply vanish after we made a confirmed diagnosis.

I don’t want to loose faith in healing or in miracles or in the power of prayer.

I’ve heard stories, but I haven’t had any experiences.

I too want to be shocked.

Dear God please shock this Doctor.

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Thanks and God bless.


-Sharon Stephen



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